The Mountain Ranch Series


A Mountain Ranch Novel

Taylor is a mother on the run from an abusive husband, searching for a safe place for she and her young son. Convinced that her possessive spouse is hunting them, she is paranoid, exhausted and virtually penniless. Finding herself stranded in rural Montana, she is taken in by a couple who help her not knowing her past, and she is able to find work on their ranch. She intends on staying only long enough to save the money needed to move on to a large city where she believes they will be safer. But as time passes friendships develop, as does a love interest, and Taylor struggles to hold on to her secrets. Inevitably, her past catches up with her and her worst fears will become reality.   


A Mountain Ranch Novel ​

As an only child of a bold Colorado rancher, Laney McRae has grown up confident in herself and fiercely self-reliant. Romance hasn’t entered her world since the disastrous end to her high school love affair, and she has all but given up on men. When a new sheriff arrives in town he instantly ignites a flame she’s never before encountered, but the new relationship may not survive the demands of her forward personality. When strange events begin to unfold on the ranch, it quickly becomes clear that she is being targeted by someone with a deadly intent, and she struggles to assert her independence amid the turmoil. As events escalate, she will be left fighting not only for the love she deserves, but also for her own life.  


A Mountain Ranch Novel 

Violet Porter has made a name for herself in L.A. as a brilliant artist, but when her husband is killed in a freak accident, her world begins to crumble around her. Left bankrupt and ashamed, she chooses to return home to the mountains of Utah in the hope of finding solace at her family’s ranch. But things are not as she left them at home. As time passes, depression emerges as she struggles to cope with her new reality. A handsome neighbour offers her hope, but can the fragile romance withstand the test of their pasts?