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2020 in Review

2020... where to even start. This year has been a doozy, both personally and for my writing career. Despite the fact that (even before COVID) it was already a real challenge for our family, I still managed to publish the first two books in my Mountain Ranch series. Writing is definitely a form of stress relief for me and I’ve been so thankful for it in 2020. Refuge and Switchback were major milestones for me as an author, and I’m so excited to be making progress on Forsaken after a bit of a writing hiatus. I can’t wait to complete the third novel to the series and I’ve already sketched out several more novels to come after. I think one of the most difficult things as a writer is to stay focused on the current work in progress!

Each novel certainly takes on a life of its own through the process of the initial draft, and each round of editing that comes after. Sometimes it’s necessary for me to take a break from my current work to be able to come back to it with a fresh perspective. Also, as a busy mom and wife, it can be hard to find the time especially when our world is turned on end by something like the current pandemic situation we find ourselves in now.

But regardless of what is happening in our lives, I always come back to writing. It helps to keep me sane, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of think about it (even when I don’t have the time to dedicate to it!)

I hope this little update finds my readers well and I’d like to thank you for visiting the page. All the best in 2021! Don’t forget to visit and “follow” my social media platforms to be kept up to date on new releases.

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