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A BIG Week!

Happy Canada Day!

This next week is going to be a doozy! I am currently continuing work on the third novel in the series, Forsaken, and anxiously awaiting the final copy of Switchback from my editor. Once I have the final copy in my hands, I will give it one last run-through. Then, I am going to insert the first chapter as a preview in the Refuge paperback version. Soon my FIRST paperback will be ready to go LIVE! I am so excited! The next step will be getting Switchback ready for e-book, and then paperback as well.

As a self publishing author, all of these steps require a lot of time on my part. I've been working hard at getting my manuscript out to book bloggers and different advertising platforms. Lucky for me, the weather here has been rainy, so my husband has been able to give me a little extra time to dedicate to these endeavours.

All of my writing is fit in between the farm work and chores, and today was an exciting one because we have two new additions - our pigs arrived! The kids are over the moon.

Stay tuned for the next exciting releases!

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